Boom Boom Hopes That Mavado Returns To Jamaica In Time To Host His Birthday Celebration

Boom Boom, the well-known Jamaican selector, is set on having the dancehall’s “Gully Gad” Mavado host his upcoming birthday bash in January 2023. The announcement was made a little earlier in the week, but information about an existing warrant that was issued for David Brooks (the entertainer’s birth name) in June 2018 began to make its rounds on the internet. The selector/producer told The Weekend Star that he did not know about it.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force’s Dennis Brooks, who is a Senior Communications Strategist, was unable to give any specifics about the warrant when he was contacted.

The selector stated, “a reason we a reason, and him a say him soon come back inna di place and me say well him can host the party.” Boom Boom recounted that before he became famous and before Mavado started using the moniker “Singing Blacks”, he was hosting his events, “so me nah look pon certain things.”

He shared that the friendship between the two was kindled in 1995 because of the love they both had for the dancehall genre and music as a whole. The selector is putting his faith in the legal and management teams that handle Mavado’s affairs and hopes that all will be well in time for the entertainer to return.

Remarking that he has not spoken to the artiste “since all a dis”, he says that he is just hoping for the best result and for his friend to comfortably return to the Island. He further elaborated that with the common love for music and the fact that Cassava Piece and Grants Pen were so close, both parties used to visit the other at their residences in turn.

Promotion of the January 5, 2023, event will move forward as scheduled; however, Boom Boom says that he will employ a new promotional method which he had avoided using in the past, and make more announcements about the line-up for his 38th birthday celebration.

The disc jockey stated that usually, different artistes would stop by to perform but this year he plans to have slated artistes added to the flyer as his new promotional method. As the planning stage is still early, he can do things differently and let people know “which artistes going come through and do them thing.”

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