Boom Dandimite’s Funeral to be Held on Sunday, July 2, 2023

According to Bounty Killer who posted a message to social media about the late Dancehall artiste Boom Dandimite, his funeral service will be held on Sunday. Dandimite recently collapsed and passed away after landing in the United States of America due to a regression in recovery from a car accident.

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Bounty Killer uploaded a group photograph of himself, Dandimite, Harry Toddler, Beanie Man, and Seani B. Boom Dandimite was smiling in the picture while holding up an alliance sign.

See the picture below:

Toddler also posted the same picture with a small message to his Instagram page wishing Dandimite farewell and speaking about the gap his absence has left.

Read the message below:

In Killer’s address, he stated, “The funeral service for our beloved musical brother the late great Donovan Stewart aka Boom Dandimite will be held this sunday July 2nd at Pennwood Seven Day Adventist Church 51-53 Pennwood Rd Waterhouse.” Dandimite will be laid to rest in the Meadow Rest funeral plot and his wake is being held a day before on July 1, in Seaview Gardens.

Bounty Killer also issued a warning to all those who wish to attend by writing, “We do expect decent behavior and proper attire at the church remember it’s not a dance or party please to bare in mind.” He also mentioned that free transport to the service on Sunday will be made available from Seaview and Majestic Gardens at 10 AM.

Read the full address below:

Many farewell wishes were left in the comment section of the post by way of commenters stating rip (rest in peace), sip (sleep in peace), and posting a dove with a branch in its mouth symbolizing peace with God.

Read more comments below:

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