Bounty Killer Bashes “Fully Dunce” Slang, Molly, and Guzu – Watch Video

Dancehall veteran Bounty Killer voiced his opinions about the current infamous trends in dancehall and slammed one of Jamaica’s most popular and controversial slangs, “fully dunce.” Bounty, born Rodney Price, has always presented himself as an advocate for the people, bluntly speaking up about delicate matters without fear.

The Grung Lord has spoken out about a trend among the younger generation that has been criticised by the older generation. The deejay was vocal about the initial negative definition of being a “dunce” while performing at a Digicel roadshow in Mandela Park, Half Way Tree.


“This society, mi nuh like how it looking,” he began. “Yuh see dis likkle stupid thing unh a go round bout dunce….When since dunce is something fancy? You know what dunce mean?” He recalled the violence that resulted from being called “dunce bat” in school, calling the term “one of the biggest, stinking” ridicules. Bounty dived into his 1995 song Book Book Book, urging youths to pursue their education.

The message was also shared on Instagram, where he slammed persons “endorsing dunceness” as “illiterate morons.” Knowing full well that some people would interpret his words as a direct jab at the modern dancehall artistes singing about it, he attempted to clear the air ahead of time.

“Rygin and Valiant did not said dunce first either they just gotten more attention from it so I’m not singling out specific person,” he wrote in the caption. Bashing the infamous drug trend that crept into dancehall, he addressed Molly and noted that fellow deejay Skeng was not the first to sing about it. “The modern crack head dem bout pop Molly chuck inna unuh mumma and Skeng wasn’t the first one to sing about it his songs might just bigger than the rest so nobody nuh bother come mix up di kid name ya so,” he added.

He subsequently touched on “Guzu” also known as obeah, which is also another dominating trend in dancehall. “the Obeah thing unuh go Seek God bcuz youths of today is a total loss to this generation our future not fucking Safe at all folks time to WAKE UP sleepy warriors🤐🤐,” he concluded.

Bounty Killer

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