Bounty Killer Plans To Shoot “Look Into My Eyes” Music Video, 23 Years After The Song Was Released – Watch Interview

Thursday, March 30, 2023, 4:27 PM GMT-5

Twenty-three years after releasing the uplifting song, Look Into My Eyes, which spreads positive awareness and denounces crime and violence, Bounty Killer plans on shooting a music video. The dancehall veteran spoke about bringing the 1999 track to life while being interviewed by I Never Knew TV.

Bounty Killer discussed the creation of “Look Into My Eyes” and revealed that the song was penned by Dave Kelly during a tumultuous time marked by high crime rates and widespread protests.

Pointing out that the song followed on the heels of Poor People Fed Up and Babylon System Have To Done, the Warlord said dancehall had entered a state of consciousness despite the creation of gangster songs.

“Unlike now where most a di dancehall artiste feel like consciousness is not for us, consciousness if for the people, and anywhere the people gather we should have some consciousness there,” he explained. “1998, 99 to the 2000, right there dancehall was on a conscious vibes. Not saying it became church, but we wasn’t that lewd and stupid, we always use to talk about the people’s plight and our situation that we facing at the moment.”

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Bounty, who said dancehall used to be “the voice of the voiceless,” expressed that with Look Into My Eyes having the same positive impact on people even after twenty-three years, he intended to do the music video showcasing the powerful message of the song in a captivating way.

“Look Into My Eyes, after 23 years, it has the same impact. Not many song is like that and I intend to even video it now after 23 years cause it and the whole character, if we bring that to life, it’s gonna be touching,” he continued.

Watch the interview with Bounty below:

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