Bounty Killer Reveals Why He Did Not Attend Merciless’ Funeral

As questions grow about why Bounty Killer and other veteran dancehall artistes did not attend Merciless’ funeral, the deejay has finally revealed why he did not attend Saturday’s service.

In the past few days, members of the entertainment fraternity, such as Tony Matterhorn, have expressed their shock and disappointment at the number of notable artistes that did not attend Merciless’ send-off. Merciless’ manager, Harvel ‘Gadafi’ Hart, has openly criticised veterans Capleton, Sizzla, Bounty Killer, and Beenie Man.


While speaking to the Jamaica Observer, Hart stated, “The family actually put photos of Bounty and Beenie on the programme. Why did they do something like that? The family members thought there was love between Beenie and Bounty and Merciless because he spoke highly of them to his family. They were co-workers, but the family thought there was love and respect.”

Fans have expressed similar sentiments, and on Monday, Bounty was tagged in a fan’s comment which stated, “I was expecting @1unogeneral (Bounty Killer) and @kingbeenieman to show up and represent.”

Bounty responded, revealing that he chose not to attend because the funeral was celebrating Merciless’ victory over the deejay and his counterparts instead of the man himself.

“Showed up when they are there celebrating Leonard’s victory over us at Sting instead of his life? Did unuh all saw the f**king grade of disrespect displayed there. Then unuh all was looking for us to come share our sympathy at the time? Unuh fava rat p**s soup,” the artiste reportedly stated.

While Bounty did not share in what way the funeral service had highlighted his defeat at Sting, some believe that the artiste may have been referring to a mural that was painted at Merciless’ graveside. The mural reportedly depicted him beside Bounty, Beenie, and Ninja Man in a thought cloud with the words “Merciless Sting 2000” written on it.

In a recent Instagram live, disc jockey Ricky Trooper shared that the absence of two of Jamaica’s biggest entertainers was because they were still holding a grudge against Merciless after he had defeated them at Sting. Trooper did not name the artistes, but many believed it to be Beenie Man and Bounty. A renowned lyricist, Merciless challenged Beenie, Bounty, and Ninja Man to a lyrical battle at Sting in 2000, and his legendary victory etched him a permanent place in dancehall history.

Watch Merciless’ clash with Beenie Man, Bounty Killer and Ninja Man below

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