Bounty Killer Says, “90s Dancehall Rules Supreme” and Shares Video of 21 Savage Singing ‘Badman Kill Fi Fun’

Veteran Dancehall artiste Bounty Killer has always been a strong advocate of old-style Dancehall music and bringing back peace and unity in the Dancehall community. He also believes that the younger musical generation (Dancehall and Reggae) should globalize their music instead of only singing songs that only the Jamaican population can understand and vibe to.

Multiple older artistes have stated that the music being made nowadays by budding artistes and those with a young career in music, doesn’t have the same effect of bringing people together as older music did, but they also stated that they understand that music grows and changes over time.


Bounty Killer uploaded a post of British Rapper 21 Savage (a lover of dancehall music) singing along to any older song of his ‘Badman Kill Fi Fun‘ and stated, “@21savage Remind some of these retards something. I doubt he’s even 30yrs as yet and that’s a song from 1994 he be vibing to 90s dancehall rules supreme a who vex.”

The comment section of the post seemed to agree with his statement on the superiority of 90s Dancehall music.

poni_capri said, “90s dancehall was the best era for real,” bajanhaitian wrote, “Rap came from dancehall,” and georgethepoet stated, “That era can’t be replicated. I still listen to them songs and I was like 2.”

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