Bounty Killer Says “One General” Amidst Shabba Ranks Interview Controversy

Many internet users have been expressing that Dancehall veteran Shabba Ranks was disrespecting Bounty Killer when he did not acknowledge the fellow Dancehall veteran as a “General” during a recent interview.

Bounty Killer, who is also known as the 5 Star General, took to the internet with a message amid the controversy. The Grung Godzilla seemingly responded to Shabba Ranks by sharing a song featuring deejays Mr Banging, Levardes, and Lazer Maytrix.


In the song, the deejays praise Bounty Killer by emphasising that there is only “One General,” and that is Bounty Killer.

After adding that “Killer run the world,” they say, “Bounty Killer ina full suit a black, Alliance [Bounty’s camp] nuh listen when groupie a chat. We nuh see nuh gang nor nuh goofy attack, when di rifle a clap nun a unh cyah chat.”

The video with the men deejaying the song was shared on Bounty’s Instagram page on Wednesday with a caption indicating that he is dubbed the “General” by the people.

Bounty Killer Says One General Amidst Shabba Ranks Interview Controversy

Listen to the song below:

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