Bounty Killer Shows Enthusiasm after Finally Learning Lyrics for Najeeriii’s “Panton”

After Dancehall artiste, breakout star, Najeeriii blazed into the spotlight with his unique way of music delivery, a number of fans stated how difficult his song lyrics were to understand. Dancehall veteran, Bounty Killer also shared the same views about the lyrics of the song being hard to catch despite it being a popular song.



Bounty Killer had mentioned sometime earlier this month that he did not understand the words to a specific Najeeriii song entitled Panton. However, Bounty is back again to not only announce that he finally understands what the song is saying, but that he also enjoys listening to it.

In a post that was shared to the artiste’s Instagram account, he posted a snippet of the song and stated in the caption, “Mi song to rass wid di brand new ere a patwah dialect Gyal Drop Draws Quicker Than Socks mi a catch it now raeee.”

Watch the video below:

After showing off his enthusiasm for having learnt the song and catching up to the “new ere a patwah”, his comment section was filled with other people who appreciated the song and fans who were excited that he finally understood the words.

Dah_man_yah wrote, “Love e strength u show ino killa, u a d corner stone in a dancehall. Memba dat,” to which Bounty Killer replied, “This song makes me laugh and then it changes his life it’s a happy song for me all fun when it comes on anywhere this shows that music is way more than words di man a genius…”

Elchoppaneur stated, “Yow me killa you rate the song, ” while lampshademuzic said, “😂😂😂😂😂 dat is it Legend.”

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Panton was released three months prior, followed by another crowd favourite, Paddle Boat.

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