WATCH: Bounty Killer Speaks On Visa, Popcaan Unruly Fest, EP and More in Raw Unfiltered Interview

Monday, January 29, 2024, 8:07 PM GMT-5

From music to politics, dancehall veteran Bounty Killer touched on several topics in a new interview that features him bluntly addressing issues. The entertainer, also known as the ‘Grung Gad’, is known for his raw commentaries online that often result in his Instagram page being suspended.

Before delving into the nitty-gritty, the warlord briefly mentioned the negative remarks aimed at his mentorship of the K Queens, a duo of identical female deejays. According to Bounty, despite not getting their breakthrough yet, he continues to mentor the K Queens due to their burning desire for success.

Continuing, Bounty, who was recently welcomed back to the United Kingdom, expressed his joy at returning. Though still unclear about the reason behind the fifteen-year restrictions he had faced, Bounty deduced that it was due to his solidarity with the nation rather than the government.

“Until dis day I have no idea why I had been barred from the UK. I have never had a problem there, I never even have a problem in the US. None of these countries that blocked me have never explained what the hell I’ve done, so I think am Just a righteous man for the people and the world scared a righteousness and realness… When you are a man for the people, the system is against you,” he explained at The Fix‘s 10th anniversary live podcast event.

He later stated that the fact that he is anti-LGBT also played a part in America banning him. Speaking on this, he said, “Me is a straight man, and mi nah like nuh bend up man, nuh lean bwoy. LGBT don’t like me, and me don’t like dem.”

He added that after receiving the UK visa, his team arranged a free tour, in which he did a short performance and mostly socialised with fans, showing them that “Babylon dead” and it was his time to shine.

Another controversial topic that 51-year-old deejay, born Rodney Price, spoke on was the matter of police shutting down Popcaan’s Unruly Fest in St Thomas last December.

While labelling the police as “prejudice,” Bounty highlighted multiple events that are given extensive time to properly close.

“Prejudism is in the industry, especially the police, dem using money power,” Bounty Killer boldly expressed.

He also spoke on what the near future holds, indicating that fans can expect to see live performances from him and The Cham around May as they are planning a tour for their Time Bomb EP that was released late last year.

As it relates to the EP, Bounty explained that it came into being after he and Cham teamed up with producer Dave Kelly to create authentic dancehall music, and Kelly suggested an EP instead. Sometime after the EP is released, an extended version of Time Bomb will be dropped, and further in the future, fans will be treated to a reggae album from Bounty.

Watch the interview with Bounty Killer below:

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