Bounty Killer’s Instagram Page Apparently Gets Deleted After Lashing Out Against The Government

Veteran Dancehall artiste Bounty Killer’s Instagram page was seemingly deactivated by the social media platform and it is being speculated that he was targeted due to bold statements made in recent times, speaking out against politicians, political issues in Jamaica and law enforcement officials.

The ‘Five Star General’ who had a following of over 897k Followers on IG is now using a new page that has just over 40,000 followers, he’s promoting this new page to increase his numbers while also trying to regain access to his original account.


Seemingly infuriated by Instagram’s processing, Bounty Killer who now uses the new social media handle @1unogeneral, shared that he was informed that within 24 hours of the information being submitted, his account will be reviewed which will then enable access, however, after three days, his request is yet to be processed.

Furthermore, in that same post, he stated that he cannot be “muzzled”, which is alluding that he is being silenced for his unfiltered comments on the social media platform.

“Dat dutty swimstagram tell me three days ago and all now but me not sweating over no bloodclaath page me badder dan internet nuh pussy cant muzzled the general say weh mi feel fi say,” was the caption shared by Bounty Killer.

See Instagram post below:

Dubbed as the ‘Poor People’s Governor’, in the past week when public sector workers across the island took industrial action against the Government, Bounty Killer rushed to their defence and ridiculed the Government on his Instagram page by posting some damning remarks aimed at Prime Minister (PM) Andrew Holness and other politicians. In this, he referred to them as ‘slave drivers’ while also demanding that workers be compensated for their efforts.

Furthermore, the Commissioner of Police General Antony Anderson was also bashed and called a “Big Idiot Lunatic” when the Dancehall veteran was removed from a crime stop ad due to not being considered a good role model to aid in mitigating crime in the country.


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