BRAZEN: Couple Have Sex on the Beach While Baby and Kids Are Around – Watch Video

A couple that appeared to be having sex on a beach was caught on camera leaving many people on the internet appalled, by what they saw.

In the viral video, the couple can be seen enjoying themselves more than simply displaying their love in front of everyone, as they got hot and heavy out on the beach, where anyone and everyone could enjoy their show, including children.

The video kickstarted with a shot of the water and shoreline with the text “Just a casual day at the beach.”

As the camera pans across, the person videoing is heard saying, “What a great day to be at the beach!” and as he said so, he captures scenes of a baby sleeping soundly in his stroller and a woman sitting in a bathing suit on a blanket rocking with her head between her knees.

Next, the video man shows two persons in the sand displaying sexual motions. The video ended shortly after.

See the video below:


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