Bride Shot And Killed By Guest During Celebratory Gunfire At Wedding

Tuesday, July 19, 2022, 6:55 PM GMT-5

24-year-old Mahvash Leghaei from Iran was shot and killed just shortly after her wedding when a male quest decided to celebrate the occasion by firing off multiple rounds, one of which hit Leghaei in the head.

Though the ceremonial firing of gunshots is illegal in the country, the man allegedly fired off two rounds with a hunting rifle and due to poor weapon control, one of the bullets hit Leghaei in the head, pierced her skull and brain, and then exited and hit two other male guests. According to reports the man, who was the groom’s cousin, did not have a license to carry the weapon and fled the scene, but was later apprehended by police.


The Guests that were shot were treated for minor injuries but Leghaei had gone into a coma and later succumbed to her wounds. The 24-year-old had studied psychology and worked as a social worker helping others to fight drug addiction. Following Leghaei’s wishes, her organs were donated to three ailing recipients.

Firing a weapon, even in the air, can be extremely dangerous if done in a crowd. Just last month in a similar incident, an Indian groom while celebrating his nuptials accidentally shot and killed his friend who had received special permission from the Indian army to travel across the country to attend his wedding.

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