Brii and Silk Boss’ Alleged Baby Mother Go at Each Others Throats – Watch Videos

A virtual war of words is simmering between dancehall artiste Silk Boss’ pregnant fiancée and his alleged baby mother, while he sits quietly on the sideline, seemingly watching the two expectant mothers turn TikTok into a battleground.

The feud between the two ladies started shortly after Calli, a woman claiming to be pregnant with his child, went on a Live stream. While it is unclear what she said during the session, it apparently did not sit well with Brii, the deejay’s fiancée, who is expecting their first child.

Brii, born Sabreinna Williams, took to the social media platform with a video mocking Calli, whom she referred to as “desperate.” The clip showed Brii mouthing a voiceover, smiling, and laughing as she indicated that Cali’s appearance shocked her in the worst way. Throughout the entirety of the video were the bold words, “When me and my mother Inlaw see the screenrecording of the desperate girl on live.” Below it she added more laughing emojis with the caption, “Based on a true story.”

Calli, who goes by @calli_star on TikTok, responded to Brii with a video but did not include her face. It, however, consisted of a black background with white words, which dismissed Brii’s statement. While tagging Brii inside the video, Calli questioned, “the same mother in law that clown your ass in the media wa day ya & your same BF that left you in the hotel multiple times to come see me?” 

It did not take Brii long to make a second video, calling Calli’s unborn baby a mistake. Showing off her protruding tummy while she sat in a tank top with yellow pants, Brii played with her hair. She openly stated her unborn child, whom she called “R.Reid,” would always have a father present. She also seemingly hinted at her engagement to the Mankind artiste, which meant that she and her baby were both “Not A Mistake!”

The feud did not end there because Calli returned to the platform, vocally lashing out at Brii. Calli, who had a stern expression, stared dead into the camera while her voice lashed out in the background, saying that people were trying to bully her. She started by stating, “Yuh know wah nuff a unuh problem; because mi nah allow unuh and unuh dutty suck h**d self f*ck unda cover self f*ck friend dem fi come bully me, unuh come a come gwan like seh unuh wah come paint mi as nuh picture of nuh problematic person. Move unuh dutty unda cover self f*ck rass from deh, none a unuh cyah bullly mi!” She continued by calling Brii a whore, among other things.

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