Britany Goffe Shaves Her Head, Says She was Beaten, Sister Speaks out – Watch Videos

Social media personality Britany Goffe, who is known for her boisterous TikTok Live streams, has fallen out with her siblings, who barricaded her inside her house. A series of videos have been circulating on social media showing a bald-headed Britany wailing during a dispute with her siblings and men who were said to be construction workers.

Reportedly, Britany is suffering from a past trauma that involves rape, which affects her mental state.


Over the past couple of weeks, social media users have expressed concern for the TikTok star, who frequently goes viral on the platform. Viewers have grown even more worried with some of Britany’s latest live streams, one of which showed her shaving her head bald and shaving off her eyebrows.

Watch the videos of Britany shaving her head and eyebrows below:

Another live recording showed a dispute that included sibling rivalry, in which Britany cried as she accused her siblings of allowing construction workers to beat her up. In the video, Britany declared that she would call the police because the group had locked her inside the house and damaged her door.

“Mi cyaa come outta mi house, dem knock up mi house. All a dem out deh gang mi and beat me up, all a dem,” Britanny stated while showing the group outside.

One of the doors was nailed shut with a board, and another had a piece of plywood leaning against it to keep it closed. When Britany made an attempt to pull the grill at another entrance, someone threatened to bar that area as well. Later, a male used pliers on the grill to seal it shut while Britany screamed at him.

“Evil people dem be…one pull of mi towel weh mi have on, and a beat mi up inna mi head and him tek up one ply board and beat me up,” she added while saying that they videoed the entire incident while she was partially naked.


Watch the videos of Britany below:

According to Britany, when she wanted to bathe, the mason men tried to watch her, which started the altercation. In a subsequent live recording, she explained that her brother and sister watched and laughed when she was attacked. She also mentioned being raped as well as abused several times.

Watch the videos of Britany below:


Social media personality Ivany, who was once in a dispute with Britany, reacted to the videos by saying that she did not care about what happened.

Watch the video of Ivanny below:


Additionally, Britany’s sister spoke out against her, explaining the situation differently and describing Britany as “mischievous.”

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 “Yall know that Britany has a mental problem. Britany is very lie… She know very well how to play a victim,” she stated. She said that Britany was causing trouble with the construction workers by trying to bathe where they were working, and she even threw water on one of the workers.

Watch the video of Britany’s sister below:


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