Brysco Talks About His Arrest, Ensure, Code And Career

May 15, 2022

Emerging dancehall artiste Brysco, who is behind the hot and trending single “Code” which quickly took over Jamaica, carries no bad blood for the police who recently arrested him.

Brysco, who stated that he was released the same day of his arrest, shared with Winford during the TV program On Stage that he had no issues with the police as they were only doing their job.


The arrest that was caught during his Instagram Live stream and went viral on social media, captured a dispute between the singer and two police officers; a female who was recording him and a male who was executing the arrest and confiscating his phone.

“The police were just doing their job enuh things just blow outta proportion,” the singer stated and confirmed that the issue was cleared up that day.

In other news, Brysco, who admitted to being a lover of music since childhood, started professionally recording music 6 to 9 months ago. The entertainer stated that he knew he was going to trend in the music industry because he believed he had the right lyrics to gain the exposure.

According to the young singer, his music is inspired by the variety of music he listens to which includes Dancehall, Rap, Hip Hop etc. While he did not note a favourite artiste, he explained that he listened to every dancehall artiste because they all had something to say. For the overseas artistes, he said he listened to NBA Young Boy among others.

Brysco, who was a former student of Green Pond High School in Montego Bay, St James, expressed that he is proud of his single “Code” doing so good to the point where the nutritional drink Ensure was being sold out at stores because of his controversial line in the track “Port-More, Backroad gyal suck eh wid the ensure”. The song has impacted the sales of the product so much that the price of the drink has since increased, which Brysco objected to, saying his song shouldn’t have caused a price change.

While Brysco is happy about the status of his career, he stated that his mother is very supportive and only wishes for him to do music and avoid “badness”.


On the topic of whether or not Dancehall music is struggling, Brysco felt that the dancehall artistes were not getting the opportunities that they deserved. He stated that the entertainment industry needed to step up the rank for dancehall to ensure that the music goes global.

According to Brysco, the music that is being created in dancehall is similar to the type of music being song internationally. He explained that the reason why these types of raunchy and unlawful music are being created in dancehall is because artistes are singing what they are experiencing and witnessing in the streets.

The argument provided by the entertainer stated that being that the environment is very influential on the type of music produced, artistes are only left to sing what they see and know.


“So we just do a art and by di end a di day we just a sell a product,” he added as he explained music being an art form. “We wi self is a product and we a brand we name and we a brand we product. So more while yuh artiste sing bout a bagga ting dem just show dem versatility inna music, and a show seh yow dem can do dis, dem can do dat. It doesn’t necessarily mean dat dem definitely a do dat.”

The father of three girls went on to share that his goal is to elevate Jamaican music to a global platform where other upcoming artistes can gain worldwide exposure.


“Yuh know mi daughter dem a my main priority enuh, but otherwise from dat mi commit miself to music enuh caz a dat ago put food pan di table,” he subsequently stated that his mother is number one in his life.

Watch Brysco’s interview with Winford On Stage below

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