Buju Banton Condemns Government Salary Increase

Reggae veteran Buju Banton has spoken out about the massive salary increase for members of parliament, which ignited public outrage. Cabinet ministers have received a 230 per cent increase in salary, which left Jamaicans infuriated, considering the low wages an average Jamaican earns.

The Rastafarian singer posted a cropped image to social media, only showing some of the words that were written in his address. The visible words bashed the government, labelling them as “crooks” who “pay themselves like kings.”

In the statement Buju released, he said, “if we speak for our country our fellow man WE are too hype, but u willing to sit and watch our country being destroyed by crooks ?who pay themselves like kings ? and the corruption continues ,Jamaicans suffering our voices are not being heard,but who can u blame ? When u became a fan of a shoes and not sound meaningful policies when we fail to hold these…”

The post, which was made some hours ago, received applause from viewers who voiced their agreement in the comments.

Read some comments below:

Buju is one of the most recent voices to speak out on the matter, following Bounty Killer, who also dragged the government for not considering the people. The prime minister has yet to address the issue as the government continues to face islandwide backlash.

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