Buju Banton Sends out Cryptic Message Amidst Rasta Saga in the Media

Thursday, April 6, 2023, 6:05 PM

Reggae giant Buju ‘Gargamel’ Banton has been very quiet for the past months, both musically and as it relates to him giving his views on viral videos regarding issues affecting Jamaica and the world at large.

According to numerous fans, this is unlike the outspoken and controversial personality the world has grown to know and love, leading many artistes, bloggers and fans to question his seeming inactivity on social media addressing everyday issues and ask why his not ‘burning the fire’, including the likes of Foota Hype.


Mainly because of the high level of scrutiny the Rastafarian community has come under in recent months, with many critics pointing out the homosexual accusations surrounding reggae music and Rastafari stalwarts. The Til Shiloh singer has been mightily quiet on these issues, apparently because of his conspicuous linkage to the controversial reggae Grammy winner Koffee, that includes a collaboration they did entitle Pressure.

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However, on Thursday, the reggae star sent out a cryptic message via an Instagram post, leaving fans guessing and wondering what’s upcoming from the Gargamel. Another way to also view the post is as him seemingly taking a jab at doubters.

“My purgative shall soon be yours Different perspectives,” the reggae icon wrote, along with posting a picture of him sitting in a studio fully focused on engineering duties.

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The caption posted by Buju is no doubt a bit puzzling to many persons, but most fans of the entertainer seem convinced this is a message suggesting an album is very close, with one commenter saying, ” Do a til shiloh 2 album that’s what we need right now,” and another one saying, “Gargamel cooking some.” 

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