Buju Banton’s Son Tells Rajah Wild to clean-up his “Devil Music” – Watch Video

In light of a circulating rumour that the government intends to ban Valiant’s Mad Out single, one of Buju Banton’s sons Jahazeil Myrie has pointed out that other songs need to face the same judgement. The songs that he called for to be reprimanded included demonic ones, and he had one entertainer in mind who created such songs.

Buju’s son, who is also an aspiring artiste, called out dancehall artiste Rajah Wild for penning demonic music, saying he needs to stop.


“If dem ago ban Valiant Mad Out song, some song inna di music weh dem affi go ban too,” he said. Adding that while he is a fan of dancehall, he does not like the direction that the music is heading in, and Rajah Wild needed to “clean up” his songs.

“A man like Rajah Wild, yuh song dem affi go clean up enuh yute,” he stated in a video. “Dem devil music deh weh yah sing nuh really cut it.”

He also expressed that the songs Rajah Wild created were the only dancehall songs to which he could not listen.

Additionally, he left a message for the government, saying that the authorities should pay close attention to other entertainers and not only focus on Valiant’s Mad Out single. 

Watch the video of Buju Banton’s son below:

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