Busta Rhymes Channels his Inner Jamaican in Comedic Footage, “Weh di bum**cl**t wrong wid yuh”

A video has surfaced of American Rapper Busta Rhymes spitting a few bars of patois as he prepares to play a strength punching game.



Sporting a red jersey and black pants, the short video captures Busta Rhymes hyping himself up by aggressively rubbing his hands together and moving around before starting his speech which came across as very funny to the bystanders.

Getting ready to hit the target on the punch the ball game machine, Busta stated, “Weh di bum**cl**t wrong wid yuh, yuh likkle eediat bwoi dem? Get ready fi lick off a bwoi head right now.”

He also said, “Yuh see dah likkle eediat bwoi yah so,” pointing to the punching machine and then prepared to hit it. The machine, labelled HARDHITTERZUK, was then hit and Busta scored a 790 on the game.

Watch the video below:


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