Call for National Honours for Media Personalities Anthony Miller and Winford Williams

Jason Jaystar Williams, a multi-talented player in Jamaica’s entertainment industry spoke out about what he perceives as a lack of respect shown towards Winford Williams and Anthony Miller, two renowned TV personalities who have not been recognized with a “merit” nor national award for their more than three decades of contribution to the entertainment sector.

Winford Williams and Anthony Miller have played pivotal roles in shaping the local entertainment landscape, particularly through their respective television shows, “Onstage” and “Entertainment Report.”


Jason Jaystar shared his frustration via Instagram with the caption “GOJ” and the following post: “All these years in Media and so much contributions to the entertainment landscape and no government of Jamaica has seen it fit to give Winford nor Anthony Miller even a merit for tier contributions??? KMT.”


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Winford Williams and Anthony Miller are widely regarded as two of the most respected figures in media by artistes and fans of the Jamaican genres (Reggae and Dancehall) as it relates to entertainment media personalities. They also have two of the biggest platforms.

The impact of these two stalwarts is so huge that the majority of up-and-coming artistes desire to appear on both shows hosted by them.

Over the years, they have provided a platform for emerging artistes, insightful interviews, and offered commentary on the latest happenings in the music industry. Their influence and dedication have been recognized by viewers for many years.

Despite their contributions, neither Williams nor Miller has been honoured with a national award, leading to a wave of disappointment within the entertainment community. Jason Jaystar Williams emphasized the need for recognition, not only for the individuals themselves but for the Jamaican music industry.

The next ceremony for the announcement of the national awards will take place on October 16, 2023, as Jamaica commemorates its National Heroes Day. Therefore, in short order, we will all see if Jason Jaystar’s plea falls on deaf ears.

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