Candy Gets Emotional During Live-chat – Watch Video

Social media personality Candy Wow seems to be struggling with her and Randy’s breakup. Candy shared a video on her social media account on Sunday, showing herself distraught as she sang a sad love song.

Candy can be seen standing on the side of the road, singing and dancing to I Wanna Know by Joe while expressing that she has been hurt but has recovered. However, her actions tell a different story, as she grimaces while appearing to be close to tears. 


“Wah mi fi do again? Wah unuh wah mi fi do? Mi gi unuh wah unuh wah every day,” she says before singing a line from the song playing in the background.

When Joe sings, “Tell me what I gotta do to please you,” Candy responds by saying, “Talk nuh,” which might be a message for her ex-fiancé.

The video was posted on Instagram with the caption, “People see wow n don’t know what I been true bip.”

Watch the video of Candy below:

In response, one IG user said, “She loves and misses Randy.. That’s what I’m getting from this.” 

Another viewer said, “I love candy so much but I wish she checked in a rehab center and get clean, she’s so sweet and vibrant but really hurting.”

Candy and Randy were revealed to be engaged in early February. They appeared content together until around a week ago when news of their breakup surfaced.

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