Candy Reveals Her Wedding Date and Shares How Her Fiancé Proposed “Him just lock the ring on mi finger, people. Mi sleep, eat, and bathe with it” – Watch Interview

Monday, February 5, 2024, 12:14 PM

Following her engagement reveal, social media personality Candy has revealed when she will be exchanging vows with her fiancé, Randy ‘Road Code’ Coombs, and how he proposed.

Candy, born Kerisha Brandon, rose to popularity several years ago for her spirited personality and viral catchphrase, ‘Can I get a wow?’ The 33-year-old announced on February 2 that she would be tying the knot with her boyfriend in a video showcasing her engagement ring on Instagram.


Speaking with the Jamaica Star about their engagement, Candy shared that Coombs, a 24-year-old recording artiste, invited her to his house on February 1. Coombs had told her that he had something to show her, but she was completely oblivious to what he had planned.

Candy said she was still unsure when she saw the ring box and shared that she was sceptical at first as she had been hurt many times before. According to Candy, Coombs simply declared that he was going to marry her, and she had to ask if he was serious.

Expressing her thrill at her engagement, Candy also shared that she does everything with the ring.

“Him just lock the ring on mi finger, people. Mi sleep, eat, and bathe with it. Is one hussy, and is Mr Wow,” Candy stated.

Speaking on his decision to propose, Coombs explained that he and Candy have known each other for several years. Initially, the pair were just friends, but the young artiste said their relationship evolved into a romance over time.

He further shared that the social media personality is a different person than how she portrays herself online and is truly kind. Candy also shared words of admiration for her partner, noting that he has a clean background and highlighting how handsome he is.

In regards to when the couple will be exchanging vows, Candy has proclaimed that it will be on Coombs’ mother’s birthday on March 23. This quickly approaching date took Coombs by surprise during their interview with the Star, with the artiste questioning the rush.

But Candy, who considers the date special, has already envisioned her upcoming nuptials. According to the social media entertainer, she wants a nice dress for the occasion, which she would like to be held at a hotel with a reception on the beach.

She added that she prefers the ceremony to be small, with just family and members of the press. Candy went on to caution Coombs that he better be taking their relationship seriously.

“Randy, mi hope you take mi serious, because I take you serious. This is sent from God; so don’t play with God, Randy, because the powers work,” Candy stated.

Watch the interview below.

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