Candy Wow Reveals New Manager “Husband”, Records New Music and Talks Old Song Going Viral – Watch Interview

Four years after viral social media personality Candy Wow took a step into the music industry with her collaboration with Baby Lawd on Cold Time, the single is finally getting some buzz amongst the masses.

Following her recent resurgence on social media, Candy did an interview with Anthony Miller where she spoke about Cold Time, her relationship with Baby Lawd, and the public’s opinions about her. She started off by stating, “Mi nuh wah nobody call mi no name, nuh say nothn to me.”


When asked about the song she mentioned that it was an initial freestyle that was remastered and put out, even a video was created, but ultimately she said she received nothing from the collaboration.

However, not all the attention she is getting is the good kind. As the song reaches new audiences and old who form their own opinions, Candy says, “Some say mi mad, some say mi coke head, some say this, some say that.”

Given her last unsuccessful musical journey Candy has hopes that this time will be fruitful and she will generate some income. She stated that she was being offered sums of 5,000 and $6,000 but according to her, “I’m not a hungry chile.”

Like Najeeriii, people seem to have a hard time understanding the song’s lyrics but the social media platform TikTok has an audience that is willing to decode what the artiste is saying.

Candy says after her split from Randy, she is in a new relationship with an engineer who she calls her “husband”. He was featured in the interview and while talking to Anthony Miller, the engineer outlined that he’s her new manager.

Going forward Candy whose birth name Kerisha, says she only needs God and she will work to get her business in order, to be stable enough to get a house and a car.

Watch the full video below:

The video was reshared to Instagram where sashaknicole said, “Candy needs to get women behind her. And leave these men alone,” while __xclusivedeejah wrote, “Song yah live rent free inna mi head mi deeven know the bc lyrics but it bad.”

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