Candy Wow Talks on When She Started to “Sell Front”, Stealing, and Her Troubled Past – Watch Interview

Friday, March 3, 2023, 4:54 PM GMT-5

Appearing in an interview with Ragjhon Brown from The TotalPackage Show, Jamaican media personality and dancehall artiste,  popular for the phrase “Can I get a Wow?” to give some background on her life and past transgressions. 

The rising star, born Kerisha Brandon, rose to fame in 2019 and gained over 20, 000 Instagram fans for a viral video of her dancing to Come Home by Vybz Kartel. Catapulted into the spotlight and wanting a better life for herself, Candy turned to music and has since recorded several songs such as Wow and Cold Time. 

During the interview, Candy Wow, also known as Candy Baddy, spoke about her younger days, being born at Jubilee hospital and growing up in Jones Town,  Kingston. With a difficult past behind her, Candy explained that her childhood was good until she reached high school at around age 14 or 15 and decided that she did not want to go back, and instead left home because she was not being treated well. 

“Mi guh other people yard go sleep pan dem floor, til day light mi gone, com back. Yeah, that’s how me rotate but mi know how fi make it,” she stated.

Candy talked about turning away from church life to “sell front” and do other bad things that she did not initially set out to do. The entertainer said she became a prostitute at age 20 and had her first child at 21 years old. 

After leaving school and running away from home, Candy stated that she was locked up quite a few times for having sticky fingers. “Me use to tief bad,” she shared, “tief milk outta coffee, tief egg, tief this, tief that. When annuh bicycle mi a gah prison fah a something else.” 

Despite her bad relationship with her mother,  Candy voiced that when she used to steal things like phones, she would give them to her mother. “Ever a gi har, and see she nuh love me. But, a life.”

Touching on the subject of being in state care and why she left, Candy said, “cah mi nah get good treatment there. Dem a beat mi, dem handcuff me foot with chain, buss up mi head, baseball bat…mi life is jus…”

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Watch the entire interview below:

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