Cardi B Loses Tooth While Eating a Bagel – Watch Video

Veneers have become a popular option for people who want a beautiful, more even smile, and many celebrities have gotten their teeth done using this method.

One of those celebrities includes Cardi B, an American rapper, who redid her teeth in 2016 and sang about the dental transformation in her hit single Bodak Yellow.

Almost eight years later, the entertainer has shared with the public in a hilarious way that she has lost one of her teeth.

During a session on her broadcast channel, BG Secret Society, Cardi B stated, “Why one of veneers came out chewing on a hard ass bagel ?” She then followed up with a funny video showing off where the tooth was missing from.

In the video posted to her TikTok account, Cardi models a black and blue leather outfit which skipped to a second clip of her seemingly sitting down and she smiles at the camera showcasing a space in her mouth where the tooth fell from.

The Pressed artiste seemed to put on an impression and said, “How y’all doing mother f**kers” and laughed at the end.

Watch the video below:

Her comment section raved about how hilarious she was and guessed about who she was mimicking. Q said, “She’s so unserious 😭😭 I love her,” ANGEL T stated, “the missing veneer is taking me out,” and Tiffany Atchison guessed, “Was that The Amanda Show laugh from the 90’s??”

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