Cardi B Rants on Twitter About Inflation – Watch Video

In an uploaded Twitter post last night, Wednesday, January 4, Cardi B posted a video where she bashes those responsible for the rise in grocery store items that have tripled over the last few months.

The post was captioned, “PSA,” for a public service announcement and Cardi started her rant by stating, “Let me tell you something when I be complaining about food and all y’all motherf**kers be like ‘ain’t you rich why you complaining about lettuce? Why you complaining about this?’ That just goes to show me when you become successful…when you have money…you’re gonna f**king go broke soon because y’all not budgeting.”

Revealing that she keeps track of every dollar that is spent in her home on a weekly basis, the Money entertainer said, “when I’m starting to see that like, groceries is like tripling up, it’s like aye yo, what the F**k is going on?” Voicing that she wants to know what her money is being spent on, she went on to recount two separate trips to the supermarket where she noted that the price of lettuce increased from USD$2 to USD$7 in a couple of months.

Chastising the powers that be, Cardi vocalized that it was her duty to speak out because she can only imagine how middle-class people or people who live in the hood have it if she thinks that the prices are crazy. Using her huge platform to call on the higher authorities, she said, “I do want anybody that’s responsible of these f**king prices to put that sh*t the f**k down.”

Telling those who are criticizing her to shut up, the wife and mother of two said, “they gon see my sh*t and they might put it down.”

Watch the video below:

Siding with the rapper, a fan commented, “We need Cardi to address this issue head on!!!,” while another mentioned, “What I appreciate about this post. This is an example of people never forgetting where they come from.”

Taking the opposite route, someone mentioned, “The same Democrats that you told everyone to vote for is the same Democrats that made everything that much more expensive,” and another simply said, “this you” after which posting a picture of Cardi B on going to vote for Biden versus her rant after inflation.

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The Twitter post has since racked up 5.2M views, 10.2K retweets, and 67.9K likes.

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