Cargo Ship Sinks After Attack by Houthi Rebels

The Rubymar cargo ship that was attacked by Houthi rebels last month sunk late Friday.

The Rubymar was attacked on February 18 in the Bab el-Mandeb Strait, which links the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. 


During the attack, the cargo ship was struck by missiles, forcing its 20-member crew to abandon the vessel.

Initially, it was suggested that the Rubymar, which had begun taking on water due to the missile damage, could be towed to a safe port.

However, it was abandoned for 12 days following the attack.

image – AFP via Getty Images

According to reports from the New York Post, Yemen’s exiled government said the vessel sank amid the stormy weather in the Red Sea late Friday.

Despite the Houthis’ claim that the Rubymar sank almost instantly after the attack, the recent sinking of the vessel was confirmed by an anonymous official from the regional military as well as Yemen’s internationally recognised government.

The Rubymar is reportedly the first ship that has been completely destroyed amid the Houthis’ campaign over Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza.

Image – AL-JOUMHOURIYA TV/AFP via Getty Images

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