Cham Criticizes PM and Minister of Finance for Their Lack of Response to the Usain Bolt SSL Fraud Scandal – Watch Video

Amid the growing scandal surrounding the Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL) multimillion-dollar fraud scheme, dancehall artiste Cham has called out Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Minister of Finance Nigel Clarke for their lack of response to Usain Bolt being defrauded.

Last week’s revelation that Bolt was swindled out of the millions he had invested in the local brokerage firm SSL, left many stunned that such a celebrated athlete and high-ranking citizen could have been the target of such a crime.


With the investigation into the massive fraud ongoing, the precise amount that was taken from the eight-time Olympic champion is not yet clear, with varying reports stating that he had invested approximately US$10,000-10,000,000 in SSL.

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On Monday, Cham reacted to the scandal, questioning how someone who had given so much to Jamaica was robbed of what should have been his retirement fund. Noting that Bolt had done much to increase the country’s tourism as well as bring joy to Jamaicans, the Ghetto Story deejay also questioned how Clarke and Holness had not yet spoken out about the incident.

Cham also asked if the news of SSL’s fraud scandal was an indication that it was not safe for Jamaicans to invest in local companies. The artiste expressed that Jamaicans needed to know what the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance have planned in order to ensure Bolt’s peace of mind after the theft.

In the video’s caption, Cham said that Jamaicans needed to “Protect National Treasures” and called on SSL to “Do The Right Thing.”

Watch the video below.

Cham Criticises Prime Minister And Minster of Finance for Lack of Response to Usain Bolt SSL Fraud Scandal

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