Chief Currie Highlights Marine Pollution By Windalco Bauxite Company; Files Lawsuit Against Government

Chief Richard Currie has taken the steps to bring awareness to an alleged chemical spill and freshwater contamination into the Rio Cobre river by the Windalco Bauxite Company in the parish of St. Catherine.

Based on a video clip shared on Instagram, a stream of polluted water is seen flowing with the caption, “Once again another chemical spill has killed hundreds of Fish in the Rio Cobre caused by the Windalco bauxite operations”.


The post further indicated that a lawsuit is underway against the Jamaican Government, in which the Maroons of the Cockpit Country are suing for violations of the rights protected and secured under the 1738 Maroon Treaty with the British Crown.

As outlined by the lawsuit, the goal is to have the Government be held responsible and discontinue its operations in the Maroons’ fight to protect and preserve the natural habitats of the environment.

A GoFundMe account to assist with the legal proceedings has since been started with a goal amount of USD 70,000. It has amassed a total of USD 17, 822 from 325 donors to date.

“We have retained an extensive legal team comprising local and international lawyers and consultants. Our Administration seeks donations to cover the cost for the case management throughout this journey,” read the information provided on the GoFundMe page.

Watch the videos posted by Chief Richard Currie below:

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