Chris Brown Sued $50 Million For Dog Attack On Housekeeper

Chris Brown’s housekeeper has stepped forward with a big $50 million lawsuit for the damages she suffered from dog bites, while on the singer’s property.

The housekeeper is reportedly suing Chris Brown for emotional distress, loss of income, as well as pain and suffering after the alleged attack from his Caucasian Shepherd Ovcharka dog.


According to reports, the housekeeper was allegedly attacked at Brown’s Tarzana, California mansion in December 2020.

Radar Online made a post on March 1 explaining the lawsuit against the R&B artist. In the post, the housekeeper is said to have filed the lawsuit under the fictitious Jane Doe and stated that she is seeking $20 million compensation for pain and suffering, $20 million for emotional distress, and $10 million compensation for loss of income.

The lawsuit further went into detail about the incident and the housekeeper’s reason for seeking that specific quantity to compensate for the damages.

While she was working at the mansion, Chris Brown’s dog Hades got loose and reportedly attacked the housekeeper, ripping pieces of her flesh from her face and body.

The lawsuit continues by stating that Brown misled authorities about what initially happened. It is said that he claimed he had no idea about the attack before first responders arrived. However, he allegedly came out and saw the housekeeper in a pool of blood. Upon seeing the woman, he allegedly instructed his team to “take the dogs before the cops arrive.”


The breed of dog Chris Brown owns is noted to weigh up to 200 pounds by American Kennel Club.

An explanation of the $50 million being requested, the unidentified woman said that she had spent $24,000 on medical expenses, and she believes that she will be required to pay $400,000 more in the future. She also claimed that after the lawsuit is settled she will have lost $550,000.

However, there still hasn’t been any response from Chris Brown about the lawsuit.

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