Chronic Law Tells Selector to Not Play Alkaline Song on Boat Ride “None a that… Mi deh yah enuh” – Watch Video

Trending deejay Chronic Law got ‘dark’ on a selector who was juggling some songs at a party, then proceeded to play ‘Nah Fi Like’ by dancehall hitmaker Alkaline. In a now-viral video, the ‘Beast Mode’ artiste can be seen going off on the selection of the Alkaline song.

Both entertainers have been at odds for years now and have even thrown insults at each other in the past via music, however, it’s the first time we are seeing either artiste publicly disrespect the other in this way.


Directly addressing the selector with only seconds into the song being played, the Law Boss demanded, “None a that pon e bomboclaat boat ah mi deh yah enuh, yow tell him.” Responding to the entertainer’s rage, two males in the background seem to grant the entertainer’s request. 

Alkaline released several diss tracks targeted at the Six Gang, particularly Chronic Law and Sqaush in 2019, which led to them making several diss tracks as a means of defending themselves. So this angered response from the Hill Top artiste has come as no surprise, except for the selector of that song, perhaps.

Apparently, Chronic Law was on a yacht where he was partying at the time with several of his friends when he was on his Instagram live vibing to a selection of songs. At that point, the song in question interrupted the artiste’s vibe, and he instantly reprimanded the selector reminding him he was there.

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The selection seems to have changed, as a disk jockey was heard talking over the audio that was playing at the time as the video ended abruptly. 

Watch what happened below:

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