Chuck Fenda Talks Discovering 16YO Jada Kingdom in Portmore – Watch Interview

Reggae artiste Chuck Fenda recounts the moment he discovered Jada Kingdom’s talent and how he carried her to the studio at age 16. The reggae hitmaker shared an intriguing story on how he met Jada Kingdom. 

Chuck Fenda sat down for an interview with Entertainment Report Podcast, where he disclosed his first encounter with the Heavy singer. “So we a drive you nuh and me see this girl yah inna a nice army pants and nice look nice and thing and me pull up beside her and thing, and me a seh yow da girl yah look nice eeh man and me a seh yow weh you name you understand and she a seh my name is Jada,” Chuck Fenda recounted.

As the veteran reggae artiste continued his story, he said, “Me a seh you look nice where yuh going and she a seh she a go a the bus stop and she seh you know how old I am, and me a seh you look around 25 to me and she a seh no like she a seh am 16 and me a seh bloodcleet no sah and me a seh no friend enuh.”

Chuck Fenda was looking to end the awkward convo at that point, but that was the moment he discovered Jada was a singer. “She seh me a singer enuh she say a you name like she a seh so yuh a singer and me a seh mek me hear summin one song she sing, one song she sing when she sing da one song deh me seh no we haffi carry go studio the next day, Chuck Fenda revealed.

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According to Chuck Fenda, it was history from that point on, as he brought Jada Kingdom on numerous reggae shows, radio stations and studio sessions. Chuck Fenda said the first time he met Jada’s mom he said, “Mommy is a star this you have enuh.”

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See the interview below:

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