Church Sisters Twerking in Church – Watch Video

September 27, 2023

A video has been circulating on the internet, showing church members doing a little more than worshipping in the house of God.



The actions of the congregation have been rubbing many social media users the wrong way, igniting backlash for doing what is known to the secular world as twerk. While some members were rocking to the music that filled the church, some of the women were bent over and shaking their butts.

All the attendees were dressed in white; the men wore long white gowns, and the females wore long white dresses with their heads tied.

It seems it was customary for the women to twerk in church because none of the men even batted an eye at them, as everyone was fixated on the ongoing service.

Watch the video of the church members below:


Among the backlash that the video received, some viewers were saying, “Blasphemous 🤨,” “Unnu move and lift up no wonder earthquake shake unnu up a diss unna diss father god,” and, “Abomination.”


See more comments below:


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