Circus Trainer Attacked by Tiger During Live Performance in Italy – Watch Video

A video of a circus trainer being attacked by a tiger while conducting a live performance has been captured by patrons who were visiting the event.

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According to reports, one of the tigers in the ring suddenly attacked a trainer mid-performance during a show in Leece, Italy. The trainer is said to be 31-year-old Ivan Orfei.

In the footage captured of the attack, he was facing off with a tiger located above him on a circular platform with rungs when the second tiger in the ring abruptly lunged at him during the show. The video shows Orfei being initially grabbed by the leg and struggling to be released by the creature.

Orfei falls to the ground as he tries to fend off the tiger by hitting it with his fists. At one point, he breaks free from the creature, but it pounces on him once more and this time sinks its enormous teeth into Orfei’s neck as it continues its assault.

As the first tiger watches on from its perch, a second trainer enters the fray with a hoisted table to defend his colleague from the vicious animal. The man is freed and quickly scampers away.

Watch the video below:

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