Cliff Huges Talks on Leoda Bradsaw’s Rumoured Pregnancy in Lockup – Listen Audio

A rumour has been circulating that US Navy petty officer Leoda Bradshaw, Phillip Paulwell‘s companion, became pregnant while in police custody. Bradshaw was apprehended last October for reportedly orchestrating the kidnapping and murders of Phillip Paulwell’s 10-month-old daughter, Sarayah, and the infant’s 27-year-old mother, Toshyna Patterson.

The shocking rumours of her pregnancy while in custody prompted Nationwide News CEO Cliff Hughes to investigate and report his findings to the public. Hughes has denied the rumours, which ignited a few weeks ago.


According to the rumours, Bradshaw and an officer at the Bridgeport Police Station in the St. Catherine South Police Division had sexual intercourse in February. Their sexual interaction allegedly occurred a few days before Valentine’s Day when a police officer, identified only by his initials, S.S., removed Bradshaw from the cell and had sex with her.

Vlogger Popeye NewzLynx said that the rumours of Bradshaw’s involvement with the constable sparked after Bradshaw had a conflict with another inmate, who blurted out that Bradshaw had sex with the officer. The other police officers at the station subsequently questioned the inmate and heard that Bradshaw told her fellow inmate that the constable would come for her in the night, saying that her lawyer wanted to see her.

The policeman allegedly took her around 9:00 p.m. and returned her to the cell two to three hours later. Furthermore, it was said that the inmate shared that Bradshaw told her the following day that she and the policeman had unprotected sex.

Additionally, it was stated that the Inspectorate and Professional Standards Oversight Bureau (IPROB) launched an investigation regarding the matter at the Bridgeport Police Station.

According to Popeye NewzLynx, no pregnancy test was conducted. However, the constable accused of having sex with Bradshaw and a female officer who was on duty that night were both reportedly transferred from the Bridgeport Police Station.

Addressing the rumours, Cliff Hughes said, “We have investigated the reports over the last two weeks, and the story is not true. I don’t know if she was impregnated subsequent to our checks.”

Listen to the audio with Cliff Hughes speaking below:

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