Combine Quality Hardwood with Your High-Quality Craftsmanship

Quality Hardwoods of Michigan, located on Crooks Road just off Macomb Road in Rochester Hills, provides custom flooring, including hardwoods and inlaid. Various kinds of wood from all over the world to meet your unique aesthetic needs. View their 10,000-square-foot climate-controlled showroom to discover countless handcrafted flooring options in stock.

They’re intent on selecting the finest hardwood from the Appalachian region for flooring, and they do everything they can to ensure their customers are pleased. They make ourselves available night and day to address any issues customers have.


Quality Hardwood meet deadlines and coordinate with other related projects on your behalf.

It works to my benefit to my advantage that they get flooring that adds profitability from lower installation time and cost while enlarging the return on their initial financial investment. I am happy to have a steady, dependable customer base resulting from satisfied customers who have benefited enormously from the flooring’s advantages.

Norton offers a complete lineup of abrasives and coatings for floor finishing.

The Norton Red Heat series of belts, rolls, drain discs, and screens are produced with patented mineral-etched seeded gel ceramic for optimized cut rate and product life with resistance to wear. The Norton BlueFire belts, rolls, and edger discs feature next-generation zirconia grain for even longer life and faster cutting.

Morton’s abrasive micro-fiber accessories, hardwood conditioning pads, sanding screens, and other gear are all on the market to help you achieve the best possible result. Norton is the world leader in abrasive products and technology.

Unfinished Flooring

They supply Michigan’s lowest prices on all unfinished flooring products, so we’re the place to go for the best hardwood flooring! Their supplier’s facility can stain your flooring to any color or finish you prefer. Or you can embrace the beauty of nature by doing it yourself with a coat of stain.

Hardwood floor coverings can offer several key advantages to unfinished types. In-home finishing of the flooring can capitalize on these advantages.

Unfinished hardwood floors allow you to choose your unique finish.

These floors are homogenous, level, and stable due to sanding and onsite finishing.

New voids in uneven flooring can be quickly filled using grout adhesive, providing better finish consistency.

Hardwood floors remain consistent even after they’re installed with a preexisting finish.

The sanding procedure can do more than remove parts of a new car’s installation. The installer can make unique elements like inlays and borders while sanding.


Quality Hardwoods of Michigan is the ideal partner for any craftsperson needing quality hardwood material. They will deliver on their promise to meet deadlines and collaborate with other related projects. Their dependable customer service and competitive prices make them the perfect choice for your project. With Quality Hardwood of Michigan, you can be sure that your project will be completed with the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

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