Convicted Killer Disguised as a Sheep Tries to Escape Bolivian Prison – See Pictures

A convicted killer attempted to evade prison authorities and escape a Bolivian prison while dressed as a sheep sometime earlier this month.

José Luis Callisaya Diaz was convicted of homicide and is currently serving a 15-year sentence at the Chonchocoro maximum security prison. On February 4, Diaz, also known as ‘El Araña’ (the spider), attempted to flee the prison garbed in sheep’s skin and managed to sneak past security during the night by crawling in the grass.


Prison security realized something was amiss when Diaz was found not to be in his cell and apprehended him before he was able to break through one of the prison’s external walls. Photographs taken of the prisoner during his daring escape show the man lying flat on his stomach in the grassy field decked out in the fleece coat, which was only large enough to cover his upper body.

Image – Jam Press

Bolivian authorities have ordered legal and disciplinary action to be taken against Diaz following his foiled prison break. The director of prisons across Bolivia, Juan Carlos Limpias, informed the public of Diaz’s attempted escape and capture, sharing that he was taking advantage of the bad weather.

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“We inform the Bolivian population that prison security police officers from the San Pedro de Chonchocoro Penitentiary Center prevented the escape of prisoner José Luis Callisaya Diaz, who took advantage of the inclement weather to try to flee through one of the walls of the external perimeter of the prison,” Limpias stated.

See more pictures below:

Image – Jam Press
Image – Jam Press

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