Cooked With Cannabis: An Unusual TV Show to Watch on Netflix

Monday, April 3, 2023, 9:47 AM

Are you looking for a fun show about weed on Netflix? Give Cooked With Cannabis a try. The series hosts chefs as they prepare marijuana-infused meals. 

It’s a stoner must-watch filled with laughter and quirky comments. After indulging in each dish, the judges and celebrity guests relax a little more. Chefs are challenged with predetermined themes to produce a three-course meal infused with weed.


Get ready for a delectable experience and discover more about this unique food show. If watching it inspires you, why not cultivate Homegrown Cannabis Co.’s THC seeds at home to always have fresh buds on hand?

Release Date and Cast

Netflix released the show on April 20th, 2020. “Milkshake” singer turned food enthusiast Kelis plays host alongside Leather Storrs, a cannabis expert and chef.

Together with special celebrity guests, they taste the delicacies created by three chefs competing for a $10,000 prize. They pull out all the stops and use clever cooking hacks to get ahead.

A few of the featured chefs left premium restaurants after experiencing the thrill of cooking with marijuana. 

Some of the celebrities who appear on the show to sample the meals include:

  • Haha Davis
  • Bria Vinaite
  • Ricky Lake
  • Nate Robinson
  • John Salley
  • Too Short
  • El-P

The Rules of the Show

Three culinary artists face each other in a cooking showdown. What’s the goal? To produce a three-course meal infused with weed. They have to explain how they prepared the dish and give the amounts of THC and CBD in each edible. 

The themes range from wedding and holiday meals to backyard BBQs and global favorites. 

Chefs display their food to the judges and a group of celebrities called the “best buds.” Some are familiar with the herb, and others enjoy it for the first time.

While the contenders are cooking with weed on Netflix, raunchy comments and roaring laughter erupt from the buddies’ table. The atmosphere lightens as the celebs indulge in the fine cuisine, and the buzz sets in.

The cooks balance the meals by adding THC for the high and incorporating CBD for calming effects. 

They use a vast array of marijuana products. Ingredients vary from oil, butter, and flour to unprocessed leaves and fresh, properly cured cannabis buds. The chefs may use every part of the herb depending on the theme and dish they prepare. 

Different strains are used and blended with various types of food to complement the taste. 

The Netflix cooking with weed show gives chefs access to top-of-the-range appliances. Once they’ve prepared the meals, each cook gets the chance to display their interaction of marijuana and food. 

They also explain the blends of flavors and potency or lack thereof in each dish. 

The chef who consistently delivers mind-blowing dishes walks away with the $10,000 grand prize. The money pressures the contenders to perform at their best but still have fun while displaying their skills. 

This weed cooking show on Netflix brings a unique twist to culinary showdowns while trying to break the stigma surrounding marijuana. The use of the herb becomes more apparent as this six-episode series progresses.

The show also has an educational element to it. Its presenters provide detailed information about the cultivars used in the meals in each challenge. 

Episode Summaries

Each of the episodes has a different theme and features three new chefs. The background of how, where, and when the cooks started using marijuana as an ingredient is briefly mentioned. 

1. Grilled Backyard BBQ

In this episode, the chefs create their meals on a grill. Some find the challenge grueling, while for others, it’s a walk in the park. Some silly comments from the “best buds” table have you giggling. 

2. Global Eats

During this episode of Cooked With Cannabis on Netflix, the chefs get to pick a meal from any country. Judges and celebrities are stunned by what the contenders come up with and how well the herb enhances the culinary experience.

3. I Do Cannabis

This episode is about what dishes the chefs would make at weddings. The main challenge is the cake, which results in incredible and creative results. 

4. Futurist Food

Foods of the future are on display in this episode. The three cooks put together some of the strangest meals so far, with remarkable results. Taste buds at the celebrity table experience new things.

5. High Holidays

While cooking up a storm with weed on Netflix, chefs get a vegetarian to flip to the other side for a brief moment. Drag star Alaska can’t resist a delicious lamb dish. Then again, marijuana is plant-based.

6. Comfort Food to High Cuisine

The contestants put together some soulful dishes in the series finale. At one point, the group of celebs by the table consider starting a cannabis smuggling ring. Their choice of mules is hilarious.

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