Cop Killer is the Son of a retired Police man

Sunday, June 14, 2020, 11:33 AM

The main suspect in last week’s police killing that was chopped down by security forces Friday afternoon is the son of a retired policeman.

The 39-year-old Hamilton was deported from Canada after being nabbed by police due to gun-related crimes. He was also accused of stabbing and injuring one of his relatives in a dispute.


He is said to be the mastermind behind the attack in Horizon Park early Friday morning that led to the killing of two policemen and injuring two others.

Hamilton also injured another two police officers in Cooreville Gardens Friday afternoon before he was gun down by the police.

According to an article in the Sunday Observer Hamilton’s father is a retired policeman, however, the source revealed that he and his dad never saw eye to eye.

He went to Harewood All-Age and resided at Gobay, just outside Riversdale district in St Catherine before he left to Canada to join his family.

According to information, It wasn’t long before Hamilton started to involve himself in criminal actives after migrating to Canada

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