Countless Chickens Die on Jamaican Farm After the Electricity Goes Out – Watch Video

One Jamaican farmer now faces a massive setback after losing countless chickens seemingly due to heat exposure when his generators failed to kick in after the electricity went out.

Lamenting the great loss, one man filmed what appeared to be hundreds of dead chickens in a large chicken coop, one of two located on the farm containing the now-dead poultry.

The chickens were only days away from being ready for sale when the farm lost power.

When the farm’s generators failed to kick in to operate the built-in fans on the coop, the chickens appeared to have suffered heat stroke, which ultimately would have caused their deaths. Jamaicans have been warned to brace for extreme heat for the rest of the summer.

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The man filming the scene criticised electricians who were charging exorbitant prices for installations and were still not doing their work properly.

Watch the video below:

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