Court Rules Gabriel King’s Mother Must Give the Police Access to Her Phone By The End of July

The mother of murdered 9-year-old Gabriel King, Amoi Leon-Issa, has been given until the end of July by a Supreme Court judge to allow the authorities to access data on her cell phone.

King was killed on January 13, 2022, after he was abducted by two unknown assailants who reportedly attacked his mother while she was driving on the Tucker main road towards downtown Montego Bay at approximately 9:30 a.m.

Leon-Issa reported that she was dragged from her car, and the assailants drove off with King, who was in the backseat. The nine-year-old was discovered dead several hours later in the car with the murder weapon, a knife, beside his body.

The police have struggled to gain access to data from Leon-Issa’s phone despite being granted a production order last September, which compelled her to turn over communication and other data from her iPhone. Leon-Issa had challenged the order, which resulted in her being blocked from being present while investigators accessed her phone. But permission was given for her lawyer and a computer expert to observe the investigator’s process.

Leon-Issa sought a review of that ruling in February of this year. However, her application was refused, with Senior Puisne Judge Lorna Shelly Williams ruling on Wednesday that she should comply with the previous order by July 31.

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Justice Williams remarked that various directives in the amended production order create protections and preserve information about third parties unrelated to the investigation. Williams added that certain legal protections exist that permit police to be charged and brought before a court if any information obtained from the phone is made available to the general public.

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