Cousin of Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Dies After Being Repeatedly Tased by the Police In Los Angeles – Watch Video

Thursday, January 12, 2023, 8:28 PM

The cousin of Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors died four hours after being tased multiple times by Los Angeles police during his arrest after he had reportedly caused a traffic accident.

During the incident, which occurred on January 3, the deceased, 31-year-old English teacher Keenan Anderson, was pursued by an officer after witnesses told him Anderson had caused a traffic accident. Anderson was reportedly acting erratic when the officer found him, and additional units were called in as he was suspected of driving under the influence (DUI).


According to reports, after more police personnel arrived on the scene, Anderson fled, forcing officers to pursue him on foot. During his apprehension, Anderson resisted arrest, and the officers attempted to use force to restrain him.

On the released body camera footage, Anderson stated “They’re trying to George Floyd me,” and pleaded for help multiple times as they tried to restrain him. Officers instructed him several times to stop resisting, warning him that they would tase him if he continued.

They went on to tase him approximately five times before he quieted down. Firefighters gave Anderson medical aid, but he was pronounced dead after suffering a cardiac arrest in the hospital. Though no formal cause of death has yet been determined, Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Chief Michael Moore disclosed that cannabis and cocaine were found in Anderson’s system.

In response to her cousin’s death, Patrisse Cullors promised that she would continue to fight for him and other victims of state violence. Emmy-winning actress and cultural ambassador of Jamaica, Sheryl Lee Ralph, spoke out against Anderson’s death on Twitter, writing, “There must be a respect for human life. This young English teacher was in a car accident and had an anxiety attack, and somehow he ended up tased to death by LAPD.”

Watch the video below.

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