Cryptocurrency: The Way Forward? USA 2022

Even if many of us may not be familiar with its works, we do often hear about it. Lurking in the shadows. Sneaking up in news and technology highlights. Riling our minds into wondering just how it works. And for those who already know about it and are actively engaged in its trading, they’re filled with boasts about how crypto is the next best thing and it’s the currency of the future.

Of course, there’s a lot of talk surrounding this phenomenon, and it is taking over the world inch by inch, digitally. If you’re looking to get your toes wet with some crypto workings then we’re here to fish up the very best of it.


Should You Invest?

Cryptocurrency has always had a very volatile state. It can make a man happy and it can make a man entirely devastated just because of the fluctuations and ramifications it presents daily. Whilst you may want to get into it because of a popular belief that crypto only goes up in value, we’d advise against such thought processes. The world of crypto is much more complex than this and it has its workings that need to be understood. Investing in digital currency is not for the faint of heart and it should always be taken with a grain of salt.

Furthermore, as depicted in history, cryptocurrencies such as the likes of Bitcoin have suffered some very serious blows to their value, making quite a several people frustrated with the service. However, that’s the trick. You hold out when the going gets bad only to be rewarded after that. Thus, if you’re getting into this you better hold your cards close to you. We’d also recommend equipping a good internet to stay up to date with the economic situation of crypto. CenturyLink high-speed internet is perfect for this job and provides you with seamless opportunities to stay up-to-date.

At Its Heart, Crypto Is a Big, Digital Gold Mine

Crypto branches out into lots of representatives. Currencies. The first and prime of them is Bitcoin. But, there are others. Ethereum is second in place to BTC and is catching up fast. Then there are DogeCoin, Chainlink, PolkaDot, and the like. The names may be quite hilarious but their values aren’t. One ETH (Ethereum) is roughly equal to 1300 USD.

That’s a huge number. Just imagine a currency that isn’t even physically present, beating out the United States dollar and making it climb to the thousands just to equal itself to one ETH. Insane, right? And that’s where all the value of ETH lies. Digital currency is also flexible in trading and if you’re smart enough, you’d want to trade efficiently and save quickly.

How to Get Ahead Of the Curve

Think of crypto like a self-healing, self-stabilizing, sentient being. You could take chunks from it but it’ll only fill those back again in time. But if you take larger chunks from it and perhaps knock its base out or unbalance it, then you’d have caused a considerable difference. Big enough to warrant that you get a good saving and build up on it. That’s the case with crypto and in a nutshell, with any digital currency.

If you buy BTC, for example, for 20 dollars just to get a taste of it, then that is well and good but you won’t be making any significant progress with your growth as well. To make sure that you get your money’s worth and that your digital savings keep rising by themselves, you’ll also need to invest bigger. And this is where all the game lies. High stakes, high rewards. Keep the pedal to the metal and buy good amounts of the digital currency you’re interested in and see your savings double up in due time. However, buy just a sliver of the currency and watch only a minute amount of difference build up over time.

Top Crypto Currencies to Choose From

There’s a ton of these circulating the digital space but our select few, favorites are a guaranteed sure-shot way of making good money this year and the next provided you’re smart about it:

·         Bitcoin:

The one king to rule them all. Bitcoin has taken quite a couple of hits ever since its premise but it’s still running strong as the one currency that defines crypto. When in doubt, choose Bitcoin and strap in for a relatively smoother ride.

·         Ethereum:

The new boss in town. ETH made its debut as the first digital currency to introduce smart contracts. These contracts gave developers a free hand in designing and implementing apps, for both the mobile and computer platforms, that were decentralized. Right now ETH is selling like hotcakes and its tokens are found everywhere online. Investing in this currency right now is a good bet.

·         Dogecoin:

What started as a meme is now a full-fledged cryptocurrency. DogeCoin is primarily used to boost memes or funny content on the web. It can also be interpreted as a way of appreciating someone for their witty responses. Elon Musk endorsed this clever currency while also cementing its place in the online world.


There’s a lot to take from cryptocurrency but the majority of us need to understand that this is still unchartered territory. To enable ourselves to truly harvest crypto and make it a viable savings option, we need to make sure that we are well-versed in its workings. Once that is done, this can become a brilliant source of passive income.

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