DaBaby Tells All To Miami Detectives During Interrogation – Watch Video

Thursday, July 28, 2022, 12:43 PM GMT-5

American rapper Jonathan “DaBaby” Kirk was interrogated by Miami Beach Detectives relating to the Prime 112 shooting which left one male with a shot wound in his calf and another male paralyzed from his gunshot injury.

Mr Kirk, who was held in the picture room for almost 12 hours, told his version of the incident and that he also fired shots, which was not filed in the police report.

Footage of the police interview was recently published by Real World Police, showing Mr Kirk first demands and receives a custom Miranda waiver before he proceeded to outline the events of what happened.

Mr Kirk recounted that he and his crew, including the paralyzed shot victim, Mr Williams, arrived at the Prime 112 Restaurant at 112 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach in Florida where they had a reservation. Mr Williams, who is a member of DaBaby’s entourage, came in a separate car with the mother of his children.

According to DaBaby, Mr Williams approached the valet stand and he was shot by the group of armed men when he was handing over his keys. DaBaby, who said he went to a private entrance to speak to the manager, which is a distance from the valet stand, said he heard a commotion when he exited his vehicle.

“The second I get out the car, you could hear a commotion over here at the valet stand,” he demonstrated, adding that he “went the other way” to avoid the problems. As he advised the detectives to extend their investigation to the valet who was on duty, he said that he heard the argument and then multiple shots, but he did not see the actual shooting.

When the shots started ringing out, DaBaby said he, his security and his assistant started ducking and that’s when he called for his “book bag” which carried his gun. He indicated that he was too far away from his vehicle to get back in and the armed men who shot Mr Williams were still shooting even though Mr Williams was on the ground.

DaBaby continued by saying that the armed men jumped in Mr Williams’ car and drove towards them, hitting a member of his crew with the vehicle. DaBaby said when the armed gunmen pointed a gun at him that was when he opened fire at them.

However, the arrest report outlines a different version of the events that unfolded on May 31, 2021. According to Real World Police, the report disclosed that an arrest report was filed for Wisdom Akornuche Awute, who is an artiste on DaBaby’s record label and the person who was ultimately charged with attempted murder.

Real World Police outlined that Miami Beach Police Department (MBPD) officer Guzman reported that there were shots being fired at the 100 block of Ocean Drive in Miami. When the police arrived at the scene, they found Emerson Delgado shot in his right calf and he was rushed to the hospital.

The report, which identifies Carlos Aviles and Emerson Delgado as victims, outlined Aviles’ version of the incident.

According to Mr Aviles, he and Mr Delgado were trying to enter their parked car in front of Prime 112 when an argument began between them and a group of males who they say are DaBaby’s entourage. The argument escalated to the point where Mr Delgado was hit in the face by a member of the entourage and Mr Delgado ran in an attempt to escape.

However, his attacker, who Mr Aviles identified as Wisdom, chased him and shot him in his calf. After identifying Wisdom in a photograph, the police located the rapper at a hotel and arrested him. Wisdom refused to provide a statement.

Meanwhile, DaBaby has not been charged with any crime in relation to the shooting.

Now the full video interrogation is making rounds online because according to rap/hiphop fans, DaBaby was snitching by talking to the police, something that is despised in the rap culture.

Watch the full interview with Jonathan “DaBaby” Kirk and the detectives below.

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