Damion Crawford Tells Khadija Bunny Shaw Not To Apologize; Says He Regrets Sponsoring Sting $3Million Over The Reggae Girlz – Listen to Interview

Former Junior Minister of Entertainment Damion Crawford says Reggae Girlz captain Khadija Bunny Shaw should not apologize for her recent statement regarding the Jamaica Women’s senior team needing a GoFundMe to help with the team’s World Cup preparation. Despite the backlash, Bunny Shaw has come under following her revelation.

Damion Crawford set out to clarify Bunny Shaw’s controversial comments by stating, “To reach yah so never was the plane weh them tek dem did haffi go through qualification dem did haffi go through practice match dem haffi go through all these things many of which them never get satisfactory funding.”


He continues, “so them nah just talk bout the trip since them qualify or since World Cup start dem a seh to get to this point all the things them went through,” he went on to outline that the girls, “never get satisfactory funding.”

Crawford also admitted that he wished he had done more to help with the Reggae Girlz campaign to qualify for their first World Cup. The former minister said he sponsored the Dancehall event Sting instead of The Reggae Girlz; when he was the Junior Minister of Entertainment in 2014.

“So now that we never ge them and them a gwaan good tek you lose now the JFF and government and everybody me too tek me lose because me did bet pon other things me bet pon Sting me sponsor Sting $3million me a look now that a 2014 me a look now and a seh Jah know me should a ge the Girlz dem the 3Million an nuh sponsor Sting,” Crawford revealed.

See the video below:


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