Dancehall Artiste Resumes Career After Tragic Lost Of His Girlfriend To Cancer

Danchall artiste Stamma Gramma has resumed his career in music after the death of his girlfriend earlier this year following a three year battle with liver cancer.

The entertainer had decided to remove himself from the spotlight to attend to his girlfriend throughout her pain while enduring treatment for the dreadful disease.


“After she died, I still did not feel the energy to do back music right away because it was a lot to deal with … . You know, cancer is serious thing,” he revealed to the Star.

The deejay says he hopes that they find a cure for the disease sometime soon as it has taken the lives of so many good persons.

Stamma Gramma who expressed admiration for Alkaline recently released a new record titled Vendetta Clan Anthem and says he wants to pick up where he left off.


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