WATCH: Dancing Rebel Opens Up About Her Miscarriage and Not Taking a Break From Work

With the passing of Mother’s Day over the weekend, popular figure Dancing Rebel, birth name Christina Nelson, dredged up some painful memories about having a miscarriage. A video of Rebel talking about her miscarriage to her fans on Live was recorded and reshared online.

In the video, she revealed some of the hardships she went through during that time, stating that she did not take any breaks from work after losing her baby because she had bills to pay. She also detailed a situation at an event.


During the work event, Trippple X noticed she was that she was acting strangely and inquired about what was wrong to which Rebel explained, “Mi tell him say mi lose one baby and him a seh mi fi guh innah eh bus guh rest, mi need fi rest…and mi a seh no Trippple X if mi rest how mi agguh pay mi bill…and him a seh just siddung, mi have it.”

Continuing to tell her story, Rebel recounted another instance when she was at work at a party, this time in Montego Bay alongside TC and Chinny Unique, when her breasts started to leak milk. She resorted to the use of multiple pads to stop the leakage, however, TC came to her rescue by sucking the milk out.

“Affi love TC. TC hold mi breast and suck out di milk and spit it out,” Rebel said. She also noted that it was only after doing breast implant surgery (sometime around 2022 or 2023) that her breasts finally stopped producing milk.

Watch the video below:

After hearing her story, Someone stated, “Mother’s Day for some women brings very hurtful memories who feels it knows it be mindful how you talk to people,” and another individual wrote, “Thanks for giving us a glimpse in your private world. Bless up TC and may you continue to heal.”

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