Daredevil Fell To His Death From the 68th Floor in China

Police in Hong Kong reported on Monday that a French man died recently after falling from a high-rise residential building. Local media outlets identified the victim as daredevil Remi Lucidi, who was known for his heart-pounding stunts.

It was reported that the body of a 30-year-old man had been discovered on a patio in one of Hong Kong’s upscale districts. It is believed that he was involved in extreme sports, according to the police.

A week ago, Lucidi, who used the name Remi Enigma on social media, posted a photo of Hong Kong’s night view on his Instagram account, tagging the location as Times Square in Causeway Bay, the shopping district of Hong Kong.

A preliminary investigation conducted by officers revealed that he had fallen from a rooftop. They said that no suicide note was found at the scene of the accident. A post-mortem examination of the deceased would have to be carried out to determine the cause of his death, the officers added.


He was last seen alive on Thursday evening, knocking on a penthouse window on the 68th floor of a residential tower, according to an unnamed source quoted in numerous reports. Police also found Lucidi’s sports camera at the scene, containing extreme sports videos.

South China Morning Post reported that Lucidi had made his way up to the top floor of a building. However, he got trapped outside and began frantically knocking on a window, startling the maid inside, before losing his footing and falling from the building.

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