Daughter Catches Father Performing Oral Sex on Mom; Mother Asks for Help

A 29-year-old woman who resides with her baby-father is desperately seeking advice after one of their two daughters caught their father performing oral sex on her while she was asleep.

According to the woman with the initials R.P., as a family, they share the same bed, where the kids would sleep in the middle even though her daughters have a room for themselves. She stated that on occasions, she asked her spouse to try not to have sex with her while the children are in the bed and even though he agreed, he still tries to.

Consequently, her older child caught him performing oral sex on her while she slept and told her younger sibling about what she saw. She explained that she became aware of this when her younger child asked her about it, but she explained to them that their father was only trying to help her and it should not be mentioned by them again.

The children were also ordered to stay in their beds that night.

However, when the father heard about this, he tried to scold the kids but as stated by R.P, she intervened and stopped this from happening. She also said that her daughter again confirmed to her father when he doubted otherwise.

Distraught about what her children experienced, she says that she chastised the father about it but in his defence, he voiced that she is the one that introduced him to practicing oral sex, therefore, he should not be shunned.

R.P indicated that she is considering counselling for the children and also wants to know if she should allow her spouse to beat them for mentioning the act. She also brought up the topic of whether she should restrict them to sleeping in their own bedroom.

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