Daughter Wondering If She Should Tell Her Mother That Her Father Got Her 18YO Friend Pregnant

Thursday, February 8, 2024, 10:56 AM GMT-5

A teenage girl finds herself in the predicament of hiding her father’s infidelity and his potential unborn baby from her mother. This situation came into being after her father became intimate with her friend.

The 19-year-old wrote a letter explaining her dilemma and seeking guidance. In the letter, she revealed that her parents are married, but she currently resides with her father, while her mother has been in America for an extended period due to an illness.

The writer noted that she and her dad have a good father-daughter relationship, and she loves him dearly. Things took a turn when her friend developed feelings for her father. The feelings that her 18-year-old friend felt were reciprocated by her father based on what she observed when her friend visited them.

“From she started coming here, I knew that my father liked her. I asked her if she likes my father and she said yes,” the writer said in the letter to Dear Pastor.

The teen added that she reminded her friend that her father is a married man. However, one day, when her friend came to visit them, she discovered her friend and her father together in his bedroom.

The teen said that she knew they had sex due to her friend’s messy hair and the guilty expression on her face. According to the letter, her friend slept over that night, and she left them at the house together when she went to work the following day.

Afterwards, the writer mentioned hearing less from her friend. Eventually, her friend told her about the pregnancy. Her friend disclosed that while she always used protection with her boyfriend, she and the writer’s father had unprotected sex three times. Hence, she believes that he is the father.

However, her father is unsure of whether he is the child’s father and urges her friend to either terminate the pregnancy or claim that her boyfriend is the baby’s father. Additionally, the writer said that her father begged her to keep everything a secret from her mother.

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